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  • Image for's Queer Games Bundle is back, offering hundreds of games for Pride month

    A very merry Pride month to all, and what better way to celebrate than by putting some money in queer developers' pockets and getting more than 500 games (and zines and other such goodies) in return? There's a bit of everything in here, from a bird-run grocery store to a meditation on the decay and connection both inherent to today's internet.

  • Minecraft's 1.19 update, The Wild, brings frogs, tadpoles and scary Warden mobs to the survival game. The EWS podcast logo is superimposed on the top right corner

    This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we clear up an initial misunderstanding but eventually get in sync and talk about the game things we'd want in real life: health packs, tetris, inventory management. By their powers combined we manage to create an absolutely nightmarish dystopian society where people live forever but cannot put more than four of the same thing in a line. It's bleak. Games should stay in games.

    Matthew continues the Wolfe Carlton saga, Nate is making a crayfish into a mini-model, and I have a cold. A regular cold! No funny business. Matthew also does a very hard Cavern Of Lies this week that honestly nearly has us.

  • Concept art for V Rising depicting a female vampire issuing orders to her servants from her castle throne.

    Feature: V Rising dev talks success, surprises, and future plans

    The game as it exists now is a "fairly basic version" of Stunlock Studio's vision

    “I haven’t really had time to let it sink in yet, I don’t think,” says Jeremy Fielding, community manager for Stunlock Studios. When we spoke on Tuesday, their early access vampire sim survival game V Rising had just passed 1.5 million players, far beyond the team’s wildest expectations.

  • Image for Wadjet Eye announce time travelling adventure Old Skies

    Wadjet Eye announce time travelling adventure Old Skies

    Explore New York City through the ages

    It's not good to dwell too much on the past. Unless, of course, you're playing Old Skies, the newly announced point and click adventure game from Wadjet Eye studios. In that case, you'll need to cast your mind back, because cross-temporal puzzling is what it's all about.
  • Guards on Pall Mall with Buckingham Palace in the NVIDIA Jubilee Street Party built within Minecraft (c) NVIDIA

    Because I now live in a country that isn't the UK, I get different bank holidays to staff in the UK, which it turns out is almost everyone else. This means I'm at work today and Friday. For other people outside the UK who don't know, this weekend it is celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. She's the first UK monarch to manage 70 years on the throne, most of the other ones having killed each other or somesuch. The country, specifically England, has responded to this by going absolutely off the boil, represented even in digi-form with a virtual street party map in Minecraft. I wouldn't normally write about it, but it gives me an excuse to republican-post on main when nobody is looking.

  • A crown atop a pile of bones in an illustration from 'Az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia irásban és képben'.

    The benefits of monarchy are few and far between, but you do sometimes get a bonus public holiday to 'celebrate' them clinging onto the cushy job their dad gave them. Here in the UK, the four-day Platinum Jubilee weekend has just begun, meaning we here at RPS will be mostly quiet from Thursday until Monday. What are you playing this long weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

  • Two hunters face off against the vampiric dragon Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    Seregios can get stuffed. I recently faced off against the massive golden dragon during a hands-on session for Sunbreak, the upcoming expansion pack for Monster Hunter Rise, and it battered me repeatedly for the best part of an hour. It has become the flying white whale to my dual blade wielding Ahab, and I left the preview event determined to chop it to bits when the DLC finally arrives later this month.

    Sunbreak’s new master rank quests aren’t messing around, basically. It seems Capcom have taken criticisms that the base version of Monster Hunter Rise didn’t provide challenging enough end-game content to heart, and have loaded the expansion with some truly agonising encounters purpose-built for returning veterans.

  • The Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

    Feature: All Elden Ring locations, ranked

    Go outside and touch some grace

    Ever have an idea that you regret the instant you commit to realising it? That's how I feel about my decision to rank all of Elden Ring's major locations. It turns out that, not only are there a lot of locations in Elden Ring, but the definition of a distinct location is largely up for debate. The opening area of Limgrave, for example, could be as many as four separate regions (East Limgrave, West Limgrave, Stormhill and Weeping Peninsula) depending on how you interpret it. That's not to mention all of the dungeons, caves, chapels, and other landmarks scattered throughout the Lands Between.

    Yet like a newly minted Wretch squaring up to Margit the Fell Omen for the first time, I am prepared to plough on despite the pain that awaits. Below you'll find a comprehensive ranking of Elden Ring's major regions and legacy dungeons, based on the admittedly woolly criteria of how fun and interesting each location is to explore. So grab your map, put on your boots, and update your life insurance policy as we embark upon a grand tour of From Software's magnificent fantasy realm.

  • Image for Everything shown at the Warhammer Skulls showcase, including three new games

    Everything shown at the Warhammer Skulls showcase, including three new games

    CRPG Rogue Trader, card game Warpforge and retro FPS Boltgun are among the pack

    The week-long Warhammer Skulls event has kicked off with an avalanche of announcements. Leading the pack are three new games: CRPG Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader, digital card game Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge, and retro FPS Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun. Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef, the 2D action platformer, also got a release date. It’ll be out on the 20th of October.

  • a photo of a crucial p5 plus nvme ssd on a computer motherboard, highlighted in blue light

    The Crucial P5 Plus is one of my favourite SSDs, as you might know from me writing about it last week. . Then, I was happy to announce that this rapid 1TB PCIe 4.0 drive had made it to £100 - a price it's gotten near a few times before but not stayed at with any regularity. You can imagine my surprise, therefore, when I discovered that Crucial are now selling the same drive at their site for £80.69 - a genuine bargain and the lowest price we've ever seen by some margin.

  • The player character approaches a table of men playing cards in a large mansion in Card Shark

    The 10 best games coming to PC in June

    Card Shark! Diablo Immortal! More!

    It’s officially summer, although you wouldn’t think it based on the amount of rain we’ve had up here in Newcastle this week. Still, that vague hint of warmth that lingers between the raindrops has got me dreaming of all those lovely things that make summer so appealing. Al fresco dining, excluding that bit where a wasp crawls into your glass of Fanta, which seems to happen to me a lot. Music festivals, minus the part where you queue for half an hour to have a wee. Oh, and obviously spending time on a beach somewhere hot, purposefully ignoring that horrible bit where you try to get your socks back on after taking a dip in the ocean and the sand scrapes against your skin.

    OK, so maybe summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Why do we even bother leaving the house, when we can stay indoors and play video games on PC instead? June is a little sparse when it comes to new releases (as is so often the case during these warmer seasons) but there’s still plenty on the horizon to keep you occupied.

  • Image for Pick up an Intel 12th-gen B660 motherboard for £86 (£110 off)

    Deals: Pick up an Intel 12th-gen B660 motherboard for £86 (£110 off)

    The Asus Prime B660M-A WiFi D4 motherboard is going cheap at CCL.

    Intel's 12th-gen motherboards are getting cheaper, which is handy if you're planning a new build around one of Intel's excellent 12100, 12400F or 12600F CPUs for gaming. One of the best deals we've spotted is for the Asus Prime B660M-A WiFi D4, which launched at £197 and is now down to £86 at CCL in the UK.

    This motherboard uses better value DDR4 memory, two M.2 PCIe 4.0 slots and WiFi 6 on board, so it ticks a lot of boxes in terms of the essentials. You're missing some things from higher-end Z690 boards - like PCIe 5.0, USB-C ports and 2.5-gig networking - but nothing that affects gaming performance, at least in the here and now.

  • Four of our best gaming keyboard picks, tastefully arranged next to each other.

    If you’ve found yourself on a list of the best gaming keyboards – hello, by the way – then it stands to reason that you want a new keyboard for gaming specifically. Our picks below can certainly help with that, though considering how many folks have a gaming PC as their only PC, maybe even as their 9-to-5 work machine, keep in mind that a great gaming keyboard isn’t always the one with the most gamer-y features. Pick one with a comfortable, practical design and it will serve you in any desktop role for years and years.

  • The level editor open in Speedy Eggbert

    I used to draw Abe’s Oddysee levels. Then Abe’s Exoddus, when that came out. Also, before them, every other platform game I ever got my hands on. Take a sheet of plain paper, turn it horizontal, draw two long lines across it, dividing it into three strips. That’s a level; that’s a side-scrolling environment. That’s what I’d do, basically all the time, basically every day. You could call me a budding game designer, only I had no knowledge of how to transfer my genius creations into digital form. I’d tried before, with Doom, but the editor was incomprehensible. Sectors? Vectors? Call me a particularly stupid child, but I just wanted to draw two long lines on a piece of paper.

    Enter Speedy Eggbert, a budget-priced platform game that scored “the world’s first generous 4% review” in PC Gamer magazine. But I wasn’t aware of that yet. I was, though, aware of its big, shiny box on the shelves of Game, with its gorgeously embossed Eggbert and a reverse emblazoned with screenshots and features, including the most enticing few words I’d ever seen – “MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS!”

  • Kratos speaks to his son Atreus on a small boat in God of War.

    God of War now has AMD FSR 2.0 support on PC

    Becomes third game to welcome AMD’s updated upscaler

    A surprise God of War PC update has made it one of just three games to support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0. This significantly improved upscaling option, introduced a few weeks back in Deathloop (and more recently making it to Farming Simulator 22), completely replaces God of War’s FSR 1.0 setting, giving Radeon GPU owners a performance booster that comes much closer to Nvidia DLSS on quality.

  • The diver in Silt at the centre of a glowing sigil underwater

    Has anyone coined the term Limbolike yet? 2D side-scrolling platformers that are a bit Tim Burton-y, and possibly in monochrome. Y'know the ones? Silt is a Limbolike, only it's Limbo under the sea. Other free-wheeling associations I have made include Minute Of Islands and, most weirdly, Gormenghast. But having mentioned the later, and because people who like Gormenghast really bloody like Gormenghast (a reasonable position), and respond to its evocation like Chekhov's dogs let loose at the eleventh annual Ringing World National Youth Championship competition, I'm now going to have to temper expectations back down.

  • Image for Sonic Frontiers gets first trailer showing open world combat

    Sonic Frontiers is the next attempt to make Sonic work in a 3D world, with Sega referring to it as the blue hedgehog's "first ever open zone" game. Now there's a first teaser trailer of it in action, showing Sonic zipping around a seemingly vast world and bashing giant robots to bits.

  • The Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M on a desk, showing a Porsche car in Forza Horizon 5.

    Here we have another AOC gaming monitor, except it’s not just by AOC, but by posh car makers Porsche? It’s the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M, a premium 4K / 144Hz beast of a display, and is in fact the second hardware collaboration between these unlikely bedfellows.

    It’s also far more ambitious (and expensive) than 2020's AOC Agon PD27. It’s flat rather than curved, but goes for both a higher resolution and a larger 31.5in IPS panel. Its DisplayHDR certification also rises from 400 to 1400, fuelled largely by a switch to more advanced Mini LED backlighting: the same sort as the Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX, one of the best 4K gaming monitors. As a gaming screen, then, it’s got all the right tools, but what exactly about it is Porsche-like?

  • Image for Steelrising's robotic revolutionary Paris could be in line for the Soulslike throne

    It's a bold play, releasing a Soulslike in the year of Elden Ring. Let me rephrase that, actually. It's a bold play releasing a Soulslike in any year, let alone the year of Elden Ring. You could snap open any twelve month span like a bulrush and watch many thousands of little Soulslikes disperse into the atmosphere, with only a select few really making an impact.

    Steelrising is one of these Soulslike seeds hoping to sink into our screens, sprout, and take root not only in the innards of our Panasonics, but our minds too. From what I've seen, it stands a chance of survival in a saturated land.